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December 14, 2010

25 things I hate about you?

Saw this while I was reading Put's blog. Some time ago, I've been trying to do this but I always forgot about it. But now that I've remembered it, let's get the-25-things-you-hardly-know-about-me thingy movin'!

1. I don't talk much but I like chatting online. Prolly cos chatting online gives me time to think of what to say. Which brings us to....

2. I feel nervous everytime anybody calls out for me. Dunno why, prolly that's why I don't talk much. haha!

3. I actually eat non-stop whenever I feel happy. When I'm unhappy, what's the point of indulging myself over delicious cuisines, yeah?

4. I'm very observant. I tend to over-analyze what everybody else does *not being nosy, ok!*, and whenever I have the chance to bug someone about it, then I would ask about it. Mostly, my observations have been accurate, well, almost :p

5. I used to be someone who keeps everything inside. But when I turned 21, my life also turned 180 degrees. There are times people would see my gloomy face but most of the time, happy face is all you can see :p But I don't scream at people when I'm upset, except my youngest bro >:)

6. I haven't scored a goal since February 2009 :p oh dear, almost 2 years already! Dang it!

7. I'm very emotional so much so that I drown myself in errr 'meleleh' songs! haha!

8. So far, I've said to have resemblance to 3 people; my mom, my grandma and my aunt.

9. A while back, a close friend of mine told me that I look like Paris Hilton. Bloooooody hell. My dad also told me I look a lil bit like Cheryl Samad. urgh I don't like her cos she looks like someone I really hate. Eh, wait a minute.....

10. I'm a sucker at watching lovey-dovey movies. A Walk to Remember, High School Musical 1-3, Juno and too many to be mentioned :p

11. I can withstand low temperatures but not high temperatures.

12. I talk in my sleep.

13. I think too much, till the thoughts of it came up inside my dreams at night.

14. I tend to be cold cos I don't like to let my feelings show. It's as if I've shown to the world my weak point. Hell no!

15. My mom still chooses my clothes. I just wear them haha!

16. I hate it when I've already said that I'm ok but people keep asking me whether I'm fine or not and then, patting my shoulder. Even when I'm fine at that time, I may break down and cry haha!

17. My mom told me when I was a baby, I was the easiest one to be taken care of. I didn't cry much, behaved myself to cut the long story short :p

18. I enjoy baking but I suck at cooking. pfftt~

19. I like numbers so much so that if Maths is a man, I'd prolly married to Maths :p

20. One of my besties said I'm very faithful to one. Yes, once I set my eyes on someone, I don't see any other guys and plus, I don't enjoy having spare parts :p

21. I enjoy making people happy, even if I have to do the silliest things to make them happy. Cos they made me happy :)

22. I've never been out of the area I'm currently live in. There was once, when my dad was still studying in the US. Other than that, never!

23. I'm easily pleased. You can say anything *as long as you're not lying* or do anything *even if it's a stupid thing to do*, it's the effort that counts :D

24. I have poor visibility at night. I don't prefer to drive at night and to to top it off, in the rain at night. Ah, that's just perfect!

25. All I can see now is that either I'll be a programmer or a Maths teacher. Duhhh

That's it then. 25 of them. Don't feel like tagging anyone. Till then, toodles~

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