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December 31, 2010

An Appreciation Post

It seems like everybody's been posting about their new resolutions for 2011 and what they've done in 2010. Mine will be different, thanks to a friend who posted a strange status a few days ago, I've got an idea what to post haha!

There are 2 people who have done a lot for me in 2010. Dunno where to start so I took quite some time to get this post done haha!

This person always stood up for me in her own way whenever I was down. She could tell how I felt about certain things without even asking about it. Well, she should be; I've been living with her for 21 years already XD There was a time when I had a long spell of misery, she attacked someone for me verbally, asking what he had done to me that I had to be in such misery. I don't know what she said to that idiot but all I can say to him is serve you right. Don't mess haha! Another time was when a group of my friends started talking about me behind my back. I was mind-boggled by that of course, and she posted something about it. She slated my friends and their problems right in front of the whole world. That's not nice though; but it almost made me cry. Never once in my life someone stood up for me like that and I was glad she did that. That's what people say when it comes to love; it doesn't have to be told every now and then. You just have to show it in the things you do for your loved ones. More than words to show you feel, that your love for me is real *eh ape mepek ni XD*

She rarely gets her chance to hang out with her friends cos she didn't have many friends to begin with. So I always took her along with me whenever I was out with my friends. Basically, she knows all my friends and even grows fond of some of them XD

She can be quite loud when it comes to her wishlist; which makes it easier for me when it comes to buying her birthday present. Come to think about it, she was quite lucky cos I happened to have a big pocket on her birthday every year XDDDD This year? No comment haha!

Hey, I've always been her driver all year long. I should demand something from her as well XD but the thing is, I don't wish for anything yet at the moment. But I've already warned her to not buy me flowers on my graduation day haha!

Nabilah, ko cepat2 la grad. Takyah kite jadi drebar ko lagi XD

That sums up the part for my only sister. Next!

ade rupenye gamba korang berdua XD

Ish takleh nak cakap omputeh lak, rase cam poyo je haha! Ehem, sebenarnye da hampir 8 bulan kite nak gitau tapi tak terrr gitau lak sampai la sekarang. Tunggu mase sesuai nak cakap heheh tetibe ade lak status gile tu kan. Perfect timing haha!

Ingat tak mase kite pegi makan kat Pakli lepas balik dari Putrajaya tu? Mase tu, kite dapat wake up call; rase cam dapat tamparan hebat untuk berpijak di bumi yang nyata ni la haha! Mase tengah makan tu, kite macam 'Nape kite tengah ade dengan laki lain lak ni?' haha! Sebab sebelum tu, kite macam banyak termenung disebabkan sesuatu yang kite terase bangang untuk dinyatakan kat sini. Jadi, mase tu la kite baru tersedar dan lepas2 tu, kite rase cam senang ati gile sampai sekarang; terus lupe langsung la 'bende bangang' tu. Takpe, kalau 'bende bangang' tu tak penah jadi, part yang ni pon takkan wujud gaknye *ape mepek ni*

Tapi yang peliknye, you were always there at the right time. Setiap kali kite tengah tensen/bengang/panas ati/pendek kate, mase tengah rase pape yang negatif la. Pakai ilmu ape la si Fariz ni gaknye? XD Lepas da merapu, baru la rase rilek balik.

So for that, thanks for being my hero for the year :p Thanks for bringing peace back to my mind. Sampai bersemangat buat FYP la, gile. I owe you big time lah haha! Kite harap cepat2 la Fariz dapat keje, leh la belanje kite makan. Hakim pon Hakim la, asalkan ade orang nak belanje hahahahaha!

Ish dah2, kite lom nak mati lagi cakap bende2 cam ni XD Sebelum kite merapu panjang lebar, baik kite stop kat sini XDDDD

P/S: Everybody's getting worked up about today's date; 010111. What's with the obsession with numbers these days? pfftt~


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nape hemie? sakit tekak ke? XD

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oho..inilah die post special tu

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