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December 26, 2010

The Love for Cats

Prolly cos they're a bunch of cute furballs :D Ever since I was a kid, there would always be at least a cat in the house. When I was little, my family lived at my grandparents' house. My grandparents also have a soft spot for cats. Whenever my uncle or my aunt bumped into a kitten without its mom, they would take it back home with them. We took care of them until they've grown of course :)

After 1 semester in UiTM, my friend called me up one day to tell me that my turn to buy her cat had come. My family and I went to her house to take a look at her kitties. Her mom had already chosen one for me; she told me she chose the smartest one cos I'm smart *tak betul ni haha* anyway, the day to take the kitty home had come. We decided to buy two kitties; to pair them up so that they will expand the family tree XD

Now, the male cat has gone without a trace. But we still have the female cat and her grown-up daughter.

So, this cat, we call her Chip. I gave her that name cos she was born on the first day of Ramadhan. That time, I felt like giving names like Raya biscuits and so I did; Choco and Chip. Choco was adopted by my relatives who live just a mile away from our house. Choco died a few months ago without knowing the cause of its death. But we suspect Choco died cos of food poisoning. Most of our kitties died because of it.

*da jauh nyimpang dari tajuk ni XD*

There is only one way to make Chip follow you around no matter where you go around the house. Just pour some cereal into a bowl, she will start to watch you at that time. Then, pour some milk inside the bowl. After she sees you closing the door and walking away from the fridge, she will try to chase you. There was once I almost managed to hide from her, but she chased me upstairs and followed me to my room haha! All that she wants is the milk. She prefers to drink milk after anybody had done eating their cereal. So, we would leave some milk for her in the bowl and let her drink it.

Chip waiting for her turn to have her milk haha!

There are times when she feels like getting our attention. She will sneak inside the room and sitting on my desk. This one mischievous cat had turned off my pc for several times, sitting inside my box for the fun of it, sitting by the window watching the birds outside, sitting behind the monitor, biting the wires grrr~

Trying to get our attention

Everyday I see cats but I just can't get enough of them. As if I've never seen them before haha! Shady (he died last year also cos of food poisoning) was also one of the hyperactive cats but can be very fond of us at times. Whenever I cried, Shady would always come and sit beside me. While crying, I would give him a pat and stroke his long-furred coat *pathetic gile haha!* Whenever I felt happy, he would come to play with me. I had to be careful while playing with him though; he had some trouble controlling his claws XD

The longest one to live was Tamtam. We had him under our care for 8 years. We took him from a relative in Kota Tinggi when we visited this one granny's house. He was missing after we got back from Bali in July 2007. My parents suspect he died after a snake bit him. He once got bitten by a snake. His right cheek was swollen and one day, it burst out blood. We weren't at home that day. When we got back, we saw blood all the way from the living room to upstairs. He was sitting painfully by the stairs. A couple of weeks after Tamtam went missing, I went to UiTM to further my studies. There was this one guy in my class, they called him Tamtam. At first, I was felt awkward to call him by that name cos that name is our family's favourite for cats haha!

When the felines were going to have their litter of kittens, I would stay and watch them, support them while they were trying with all of their might to deliver the kitties. Like you're watching a miracle. I don't dare to watch a baby being born, so I guess watching the kitties can compensate that XD

I still remember the dead cats. There are times they came up in my dreams. There was another Shady; he died cos of failure to control his bladder and infection last April. I can still remember that day, that was when my friends were busy with their final year project. A day before he died, he didn't make any noise like he used to. He used to scream from his cage, begging to be let out from it. But we couldn't; he couldn't control his bladder and he would piss every step he took around the house. So we locked him up. My mom was torn; she couldn't decide what to do with Shady. She wanted to send him to the vet to put him to sleep. I told her to not do it cos to me, I have no right to take his life. It's like killing somebody, but you're hiring a bounty hunter to kill the target. She didn't send him away but she was still in doubt whether it was the right thing to do or not cos every second he lived, he suffered in the cage with pain of the disease and agony of being locked up.

He no longer let us hear his voice and he didn't eat; he was such a pitiful sight. A few minutes before he died, I watched him and talked to him so that he would eat. But he turned his head away from me, as if he was angry with me of not getting him out of the cage. That was the last time I saw him alive. My dad came to look at him a few minutes later, and his head was dunked in his bowl. My dad called my mom, and they watched him. But they didn't see any movement; his head was still in the bowl. My dad held Shady in his hand, he was still warm. My mom had already cried at that time, asking my dad whether Shady was dead or not. I wrapped him in a piece of fabric and put him in a box. When he was still alive, he would let off a foul smell coming from his behind. As I was wrapping him, he didn't smell bad anymore. I cried while wrapping the body. Then, my brother dug a hole and put the little body in the ground.

When Shady was little, about two weeks old, we took him to the vet. The doctor asked us to come again in a few weeks if the medication didn't have any effects on him. A few weeks later, I took him to the vet after class with my brother. The doctor said Shady couldn't be cured cos he was born with the disease. A day after Shady died, I still cried over it. I wondered whether I made the right decision; to stop or let my mom from sending him to the vet. Well, at least he didn't have to suffer anymore.

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