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September 12, 2014

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Initiative

2 years ago, oh my, how time flies aye? Yes, a couple of years back, I joined the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Initiative program as one of the representatives from the company. Well, mainly because I need to volunteer to get that one extra day off from work. But, it was a life-changing experience. The initiative is to feed homeless people in KL, so we were to distribute food and drinks and also some supplement tablets at a few spots around town. Some of those who came were actually the target group of people, and there were also some who were completely capable of buying those necessities at their own expense, and I felt that wasn't fair. But in the midst of the non-stop distribution, we couldn't really argue with these selfish people so we just went on to finish the job. Watching the needy people can actually make you count your blessings or wherever you are in life, crappy or heavenly; because it could have been worse for you.

We followed the distribution truck from one spot to another; there were 4 or 5 spots if my memory serves me right. *well my memory no longer works as efficiently as it once was* Following a truck on Friday night in KL would always spell out misery if you are not familiar with the streets and alleys and roads. In my book, it is always a bad idea to drive in KL, unless there is a need to wade in through the massive traffic. I prefer to take the train; no parking or traffic worries. But like I said, if you know the right highway and exit at the right time, you can actually beat the dreaded heavy traffic in and out of the city HEHEHE *oh wait, I'm starting to get wayyy off topic right now*

I remembered there was this pakcik, he came up to me for a chit chat. He asked me, you know, general questions. But when he started to ask specific questions, I shrugged it off quite brilliantly. Considering my bad communication skills, that was quite an achievement for me HAHAH by midnight, we wrapped it up and called it a night. One day of leave, check!

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